In Memory

Aulani Ludwig

October 4, 2013

As many of you have heard Aulani Ludwig lost her long running battle with cancer last week.

Aulani has been and will be missed by many.  The outpouring of posts about sadness of her passing but the joy of having known her says it all.

Goodbye Aulani

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10/18/13 09:46 AM #1    

Richard Fullum

To a wonderful RAM with a spirit that will last forever, you will be missed in the flesh but not in the soul.

11/09/13 08:00 AM #2    

Lani Freeman (Chevalier)

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything up till now, but it's been a rough past month, still trying to make sense of it all.  Didn't expect Aulani to leave us so soon.  She was such a fighter, and my last visit with her in September, a week before I got the call that she passed, gave me no indication that her life was limited.  I think she just got tired of it all.  The doctor visits and all the medication.  I don't believe it was cancer related.  In fact, even her doctor was shocked and saddened by it.  I went on her doctor visits during my trip and there was no indication that she was not headed towards recovery.   I truly believe, with all my heart, that she was either just tired or possibly something else totally unexpected.  I was told that she was complaining just a day before about her feet being so swollen, so perhaps it was something related to that.    

Just know this.........even though she had struggles and had to deal with cancer, she still enjoyed life to the fullest.  

She is and always will be my lifelong friend; my sister.  We had a connection that was forever.  Through the good and the bad times, we always had each other.  Although so far away, the one thing Aulani always had, and that was "friends".  Mindy Decker, Cindy Malone.....we got to spend an evening together during my trip to California, the four of us again, just like school days and it was Aulani who made it all happen.  I won't ever forget it.  

I am planning a get together here on Oahu with us Radford peeps, so watch out for the notice.  I am still working on the details.  It's a little hectic with the holidays so close, but her birthday is on Dec. 21st, so I have decided to make it on that day or possibly the day after.  Will let you all know asap.  

For those of you who may be wondering, YES, she loved Jesus and had accepted him into her life.  She is surely in Heaven.  Probably dancing and having fun!  

I love you my friend......always and forever!  


11/10/13 02:33 PM #3    

Anzinetti Brazell (Rezents)

No, I have not heard about Aulani having lung cancer.  I am shocked and sadden to find out Aulani has passed away.  Also, I do not recall Aulani being a smoker; she was always healthy.  Anyway, my condolense to her family.



Netti  crying

11/13/13 06:51 AM #4    

Jon Plude

I just found out today that Aulani had passed and was shocked! I did not know she was ill and I'm very sad to hear she had to endure all that suffering. Aulani and I are also life long friends and classmates. We went to school together since kinder garden at Pearl Harbor elementary. As kids in grade school Aulani used to always wear her Bluebird uniform dress to school and I've always remembered that. The last time Aulani and I got together I mentioned that and she was so surprized to hear that I remembered that. We used to always get in trouble together in grade school as we sat next to each other and always played around upsetting the teacher. I remeber one day both Aulani and I got into trouble and the  teacher made each of us stand in different corners of the class facing the wall for punishment, very embarressing.

Aulani I'll miss you and I will never forget you! Rest in peace my old friend and say hi to Becky and Rodney for me!


01/31/14 09:03 PM #5    

Ernest Tokio Loo

just came on the website....didn't know aulani passed away....i am shocked and sadden....a true aliamanu girl....always smiling and has a super personality....known her since we first met at pearl harbor elementary....

wish that i could have seen and talk to her at the 35th....may the lord take care of her and the rest of our classmates....i think they are having a very good time up there....hanging with boya,rodney and the gang....

aloha aulani....

10/16/16 03:35 PM #6    

Everett Peacock

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